City of Beaumont Audit
Beaumont Electric is portrayed as a private-sector company that receives contracts from the City of Beaumont through the bidding process. Bids include all parts and labor. From July, 2010 through February, 2013 Beaumont Electric has been paid $863,000.

Accounting Code 01-0000-0503-0000 – DUE FROM BEAUMONT ELECTRIC
The City has set up an account that allows Beaumont Electric to purchase supplies and charge them to the City and Beaumont Electric reimburses the City 'later'.

Because Beaumont Electric has been involved with the City for years it is unknown how much is owed; but from 07/01/10 – 02/21/13 Beaumont Electric charged $2,677,974.89 in supplies and paid back $2,331,555.02. This leaves a balance due of over $364,000.

The debt was up to $600,000 in December, 2012, but for 'some reason' Beaumont Electric paid back $390,000 in January, 2013.

California Public Contract Code:
100. The Legislature finds and declares that placing all public contract law in one code will make that law clearer and easier to find. Further, it is the intent of the Legislature in enacting this code to achieve the following objectives:
(a) To clarify the law with respect to competitive bidding requirements.
(b) To ensure full compliance with competitive bidding statutes as a means of protecting the public from misuse of public funds.
(c) To provide all qualified bidders with a fair opportunity to enter the bidding process, thereby stimulating competition in a manner conducive to sound fiscal practices.
(d) To eliminate favoritism, fraud, and corruption in the awarding of public contracts.

There is no way possible that the City of Beaumont can claim their bidding process is fair when they are bankrolling specific Contractors.

Beaumont Electric is located at 877 W. 4th St. Their website is generic. This is not a legitimate company.



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