City of Beaumont Audit
 Budgets are broken into specific departments to track the revenue and expenses. Each department has its own budget. All of the department expenses should be in their budget and no other department transactions should be listed in another department. The Beaumont City Police Department Budget shows massive amounts of irregular transactions.

 The Beaumont Police Department has the largest budget in the city. The 2012-13 budget lists projected expenses FYE 2012 at $9,975,000 total: $8,500,000 for personnel, $1,300,000 Maintenance & Operations, and $175,000 for Contract Services. For the last two years there has been no budget allocation for Vehicles & Equipment.

The General Ledger recorded a total of $9,033,414.30 expenditures for the Beaumont Police Department broken down into the following accounts:

Salaries $4,807,891.63

Overtime $275,885.60

OT Credit $125,499.66

Sick Leave $197,884.70

Holiday Pay $268,847.45
Vacation $425,122.30

Comp Time $168,183.34

Cigna $545,736.87

Kaiser $180,232.51

Dental $77,697.91

Disability $18,265.34

P.E.R.S. $210,240.79

Unemployment $11,746.17

Deferred Comp $166,176.87

Vision $8,029.59

Life Insurance $4,885.92

Work Comp Non Tax Earng $39,036.39

Medicare $90,368.49

FICA $744.00

So Cal Edison $48,867.69

Bea Ch Valley Water Auth $10,836.84

Gas Company $1,300.97

Telephone $108,928.09

Advertising $1,234.20

Office Supplies $43,504.91

Health & Fitness $12,979.25

Health & Fitness Plug $20,532.02

Dues & Subscriptions $25,549.61

Live Scan Fingerprints $14,661.00

Travel/Train/Meetings $131,105.85

Vehicle Maintenance $346,583.79

Fuel & Oil $181,308.46

Building Maintenance $44,284.22

Erika $101,462.10

CLEAT System $139.26

Booking Fees $4,031.10

Contract Services $155,539.18

Uniforms $98,231.21

Education $19,712.50

Education – Plug $14,053.50

Special Dept Supplies $40,596.64

Computer Supply & Maint $27,431.16

Audio/Visual $146.87

Bldg Maint & Supplies $67,053.39

Equipment Repair & Main $62,920.89

Special Occasion $21.55

Equipment $8,731.98

Wages & Benefits:

Wages and Benefits total $7.5 Million, but that is not accurate. As I've stated in previous audits - the city is attaching additional expenses to payroll. Cigna is $545,736.87, but the funds are diverted to pay for other expenses. Health & Fitness totals $33,500 but $20,500 is a plugged number and of the remaining $12,900 fitness expenses $1,326.20 is for employees in other departments and $1,675 is for people that are not on the city employee rooster in any department.

The City lists Police Education expenses at $33,766; but $14,000 is plugged numbers and $2,100 is people from other departments or not on the City employee rooster.

Building Supply & Maintenance:
These expenses are comprised of monthly maintenance costs: $1,531.20/month for janitorial services, $130/month for the alarm system, and $58.25/month for Cintas. There is another category for uniforms, so I assume this is for the rugs.

Maintenance expenses run a couple thousand per month until the 1st of the year. January expenses total $5,900; February was $9,900; and March was $12,500. these additional expenses include electrical, plumbing, and $1,600 for locks.

The General Ledger also records a total of $7,130.25 to 'Kreative Kube Office Furniture. The General Ledger shows two entries for $2,842.50 on 02/10/12, but the Check Warrant Register only shows one check issued for $2,842.50. On 02/24/12 the General Ledger shows a $1,445.25 entry, but the Check Warrant lists the check at $1,360.00.

There are many coding errors in the police department. The City has another account labeled 'Building Maintenance', but has items such as 'Sun Badge Co.' - which is part of the uniforms, not the building. The 'Sun Badge Co.' is also found in other accounts.

The City lists tow fees totaling $3,600, but these fees are the private citizen being towed by the police, not expenses for the police department itself.

Diners' Club transactions total $30,318.43 - $8,295.95 listed under 'Contract Services'. Even simple transactions like 'car wash expenses' are found in multiple locations.

Also note that this audit only includes expenses listed under the Police Department – account '01-4050' and does not include their personal loans which is listed under '01-0000'.

I have still not received the 2012 GAAP Audit to see exactly what was charge to the Police Department, but the City's projection of $9,975,000 is incorrect.



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