City of Beaumont Audit
Mitigate means 'to lessen the impact'. Beaumont Budget describes Fund 35 as: “used to account for the revenues levied on new development projects within the City. The revenues are levied based on development impact fees studies adopted by the City Council and include street, bridge, fire station, emergency facilities, parks, etc.”
2010 – 2011 Budget list Mitigation Fees Fund had a $12 Million Fund Balance on 06/30/10, Revenues are listed at $2.2 Million and Expenses at $13 Million leaving a Ending Fund Balance of $1.2 Million on 06/30/11.

2011-2012 budget lists Mitigation Fees Fund Beginning Balance at $600,000, total Revenue at $501,000; and total expenses at $1 Million leaving a 06/30/12 Ending Fund Balance of $101,000.

20012-2013 Budget lists Mitigation Fees Beginning Fund Balance at Zero ($0). Revenue and Expenses are both estimated at $501,000 to leave a zero Ending Fund Balance. Over $3 Million has already been funneled through this account.

Beaumont's Budget lists total expense at $14.5 Million, but from July, 2010 to February, 2013 the General Ledger shows over $24 Million passed through this department. The Budgets lists Department 3500 on the Special Fund Detail, but doesn't list an individual budget to show expenses. The GAAP Audit makes no reference to Mitigation Fees.

Fund 35 has spent $20 Million that was transferred from the General Fund. In the past 2 ½ years the following expenses are listed:

TUMF Projects $1,335,827.67
Potrero Bridge $11,338,395.54
Oak Valley Pkwy $3,581.14
650 Magnolia Bldg $23,534.55
General Plan $4,145.00
Mitigation Fees $91,516.32
Basic Services & Facilities $638,809.05
Traffic Signal Revenue $616.00
Railroad Crossing $633.50
Emergency Preparedness $78,444.32
Recycling Water Facilities Fee $3,843.65
Regional Park Fee $4,076.72
TUMF (non CFD) $41,575.36

Basic Services & Facilities: This was paid to Urban Logic Consultants from July, 2010 to June, 2012. The account has not been used in the current fiscal year.

Recycling Water & Regional Park Fee: The Recycling Facilities Fee was collected from October, 2011 to December, 2012. The Park Fee ran from July, 2010 to November, 2012. The collection of both fees stopped when the audit started.

Vendors: Over $15 Million went to 30 Vendors. Of course the big winner was Urban Logic Consultants that made $8.875 Million; Los Angeles Engineering made $3.5 Million. Some oddities are Altura Roofing - $1,850 and 'Hillcrest Contracting' had a one-time payment of $100,000.

Contract Services: According to the General Ledger the City spent $2.5 Million on Contract Services and 'made' $2.6 Million. Most of the magic happened in December, 2011 when $1.15 Million was credited to the contract services account with the memo “ACH CFD 2009a”.

Over $3 Million has already been funneled through Fund 35 this year. In the past 2 ½ years this account has literally had 1,000 transaction totaling millions of dollars, but there is no mention of this fund in the GAAP Audit.


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The collection of both fees stopped when the audit started.

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