City of Beaumont Audit
Part of the State requirements for gas tax revenue is that the cities must have separate funds established to track the money. Beaumont uses 'Fund 3', but the account is in such disarray it is of little value use as a reference. From July, 2010 to January, 2013 the Bank Statements show that the City of Beaumont has received $2,912,551.98 in gas tax funds, but the City only lists receiving $1,492,964.02 on the General Ledger.

In the last three years there is not one entry for any road-related work in Fund 3. The only expenses the City of Beaumont shows in Fund 3 is $86,333.00 for 'Administrative Overhead' and $363,018.56 paid to 'Urban Logic Consultants'.

Page 8 of the State Controller's 'Guidelines to Gas Tax Expenditures' states: “Overhead will only be allowed via an approved cost allocation plan or an equitable and auditable distribution of overhead to all departments.” The City can not claim $1/2 Million in overhead when there was no work performed.

Unfortunately the City of Beaumont is no different than ever other California city. Every City seems to be wasting the Gas Tax Funds instead of using the money for its intended purposes.

The City of Imperial Beach receives $2 Million/year from Gas Tax, but only $300,000 can be traced to items such as 'street signs' and 'asphalt patch'. The other $1.7 Million disappears. Although Citizens have made repeated request, the City of Imperial Beach refuses to do any road repairs. Last year an alley was so deteriorated that the neighbors took it upon themselves to pay for gravel. The City fined them $1,000.00 for the citizens' attempt to repair the alley themselves.

The current fuel tax rate is $.36/gal. In 2010 the decision to raise fuel taxes were taken from the Taxpayer and given to the California Board of Equalization. The Board has voted to raise gas taxes to $.395/gal on July 1, 2013. The excuse for the increase is “..a $157 Million shortfall in gas-tax revenue in fiscal 2012 and a 'projection' that California drivers will consume less.”

The Board of Equalization did not look to see if the current tax revenue money was spent wisely nor consider how the additional increase would impact the citizenry. Their only focus was want of money.

Taxes are collected for specific purposes, but when those purposes are not addressed by the tax increase the correct action would be to stop the taxes, not increase them.

Please contact your State Representatives to stop the additional Gas Tax taking effect on July 1, 2013 and the elimination of additional taxes given to local governments. If local funding is needed it can be voted on by the local voter.



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